We welcome Streamline Shipping Group as our Associate Sponsor

Crescent Cricket Club are proud to announce that Streamline Shipping Group will be one of the associate sponsors in the upcoming 2023 season. Streamline Shipping Group recognises the importance of supporting local sports and fostering community engagement. 

The partnership with Crescent Cricket Club aligns with Streamline Group’s commitment to promoting healthy and active lifestyles while providing valuable resources for developing and maintaining sports facilities. Crescent Cricket Club looks forward to a successful partnership with Streamline Shipping Group in the 2023 season and beyond.

Who are Streamline Shipping Group?

Streamline Shipping Group is an international logistics company headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland. Streamline Shipping Group was established in 1981 to offer liner services between Scotland and the west coast of Norway as the oil sector around the northern North Sea expanded rapidly. In 1984 the company commenced a scheduled container freight service from Aberdeen to Shetland, with services to Orkney from 1987. The company has continued strengthening its position and enhancing services with a nationwide transport and distribution network and international forwarding connections. It now operates 11 locations across the UK and Norway. 

Integrating services and utilising the latest technology has transformed the company into a strong 3PL / 4PL contender with project management services – making Streamline a key partner in the supply chain. Today Streamline provides integrated shipping, haulage, distribution, warehousing storage, import/export, forwarding, stevedoring, ships agency and chartering services.

Streamline Shipping Group are specialists in complex and ‘difficult’ jobs and have a wealth of experience handling and moving project cargo. As a privately-owned company, founder Stuart Roberts remains an active chairman within the business, with the Roberts family playing critical roles throughout. In addition, the Streamline team is strengthened by a long-serving and loyal workforce, with 40% of staff in the business for ten years or more.

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