About us

Crescent Cricket Club is a long standing and highly respected Cricket club in Aberdeenshire. The club has been a part of Aberdeenshire Cricket League from 1884 and it is one of the oldest clubs in Aberdeen.

Our season spans a period of four months from late April to late August. Every year!

The team currently has 30 registered members of all ages and fields. We are very proud of our achievements and the hard work of a lot of people connected with the club has led us to on-field success.

The goal of the team is to promote the sport of Cricket and build the level of sportsmanship within the local community.

Statement from the Club President

Dave Gibson

Crescent Cricket Club has been in existence for well over 100 years and is one of the oldest cricket clubs in Aberdeen. Informality and friendliness have marked Crescent from its start, but that informality has meant that very few formal records exist from that early period.

It has been established that Crescent originally played on the patch of ground which became Pittodrie before Aberdeen F.C. took on this land full-time. There are those who say that Aberdeen F.C. still owes Crescent money from that period but this has never been tested legally.

My own involvement with crescent started over 20 years ago when the club played at Kaimhill before it became Asda, from thence we moved to Duthie Park / Sheddocksley playing fields / Kings College and last few seasons we have been playing at Links pitches.

Over the last 20 years the club has gone up and down the grades, but for the last 4 seasons in my time Crescent has been playing in Grade 1 which we are all proud of.
We have welcomed people of all ages and abilities from 12 to over 60 and have always managed to maintain a fun filled atmosphere while endeavouring to remain competitive.

People from all over the world have enjoyed playing for our club—-possibly because we have managed to strike the right tone of teamwork to maintain positive relationships.
While my own playing days may be coming to an end, I would hope to maintain some association with a club that has embodied the spirit of cricket for over a century and hopefully will continue to do so.


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